Jack Bouchey

Oct. 21, 2015
Bouchey & Sons
Class: 2015 Age: 34 Company: Bouchey & Sons

Jack and his wife, Liz, are third-generation owners of Bouchey & Sons, which employs three times as many employees than it did in 2012.

“Jack has implemented various business concepts such as the acquisition of a semi and lowboy to expand our business portfolio and the addition of a full-scale mechanic shop to lower expenditures,” Liz says. “These new ventures have allowed us sustainable growth into new markets. He has transformed this company from a dying business to a thriving small corporation.”

Professional accomplishments: It might seem small, but bidding my first job was a big milestone for me and the business. It was a turning point for me professionally, and it proved to my father and grandfather that I was prepared to carry on their legacy. Another accomplishment is Bouchey Transport, which my wife and I started October 2014. Our sales are double what we anticipated, and it is very rewarding having not one, but two successful small businesses.  

Off the clock: My favorite vacation was a gator hunt in Florida in 2012, a Christmas present from my wife. We rode a swamp buggy through the swamps of Southern Florida in search of a mature gator. After a few hours, I was successful and took home a 10-foot 6-inch alligator.

Extracurricular: I am a Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I also donate to the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which offers scholarship opportunities for people interested in going to school for a skilled trade.