Michael Willhite

Oct. 24, 2014
Willhite Grading & Excavating
Class: 2014 Age: 35 Company: Willhite Grading & Excavating

Professional accomplishments: Worked my way up from laborer to equipment operator then operating supervisor and now business owner. Starting my own company was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve done and one of the most rewarding. I have a web site, www.willhitegrading.com, and a large following on Instagram, @willhitegrading.

Off the clock: Spending time with my family, attending sporting events, hiking, and working on my car and motorcycle.

Favorite movie: “Goonies.” I love movies that remind me of being curious and adventurous as a boy.

Extracurricular: I work with people struggling with addiction.

Fun fact: I was in the United States Coast Guard and was stationed at Air Station Kodiak on Kodiak Island, Alaska. I worked in sea-based construction, law enforcement, and search and rescue, spending a large amount of time on the Bering Sea.

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