Terrence McNamara

Oct. 29, 2013
C.C. Myers
Class: 2013 Age: 37 Company: C.C. Myers

Education: Human Resource Development and Management Certificate, University of California-Davis.
Professional accomplishments: Replacing the company’s truck fleet over three years, resulting in significant cost savings, and improved performance and fuel efficiency. Initiated the company’s first GPS tracking and security systems, resulting in measurable reductions in losses. Selected and led a seven-month implementation of enterprise software used companywide.
Off the clock: I’m a private pilot, and the little free time I do have I like to spend with aviation-related activities.
Favorite book: I recently read the full stories of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. I love mysteries, but I also love using my brain and following the logic of Sherlock’s deductions.
Extracurricular: Chair of the Rancho Cordova Chamber of Commerce, member of the Transportation Committee for the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce, and I’m on the board of directors for the California Capital Airshow.

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