Aaron Mayer

Oct. 29, 2013
Ryan Incorporated Central
Class: 2013 Age: 27 Company: Ryan Incorporated Central

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Professional accomplishments: Developed a formal annual vendor review process. Eliminated annual multimillion-dollar cost overruns, meeting budget for the past five years while maintaining critical capacity. Enhanced fleetwide use of telematics and share that information with key partners.
Off the clock: Reading, traveling, hiking, fishing.
Favorite vacation: Yellowstone National Park, which has many truly interesting geothermal features and other geological oddities that one would be hard-pressed to see or experience anywhere else in North America or even the world.
Extracurricular: I participate in an annual local walk/fundraiser for Heart Disease as well as contribute to and help deliver holiday food baskets for a local charity.
Fun fact: I am a vintage British car enthusiast. I recently restored a MGB Roadster convertible.