Two Milling Machines Make Their Debut

By Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Ingersoll Rand's MT-2000 milling machine
The MT-2000 milling machine features three different drum cutting speeds selectable from the operator's panel, which Ingersoll Randsays is an "industry-first."

Construction editors were recently given the "red-carpet" treatment in Shippensburg, Pa., as they were the first to view Ingersoll Rand's new milling machines, pavers and compactors. Complete with a live milling/paving/compacting demonstration, we were able to see first-hand how well the new machines performed in sequence. Because the company has been out of the milling-machine business since 1995, we set out to report on the new technology entering the milling market.

According to Patrick Wakefield, marketing manager for milling, the three main objectives of the product launch were productivity, safety and serviceability. Six models are planned, with cutting widths from 20 inches to 14 feet, and operating weights from 19,000 to 100,000 pounds. The MT-2000 flagship model is a four-track, front-load, half-lane machine, engineered and manufactured in Shippensburg, Pa. It is powered by a Tier 3 Cummins engine, providing 600 horsepower at 1,800 rpm.

The unit offers three different drum-cutting speeds selectable from the operator's panel, which is said to be an industry-first. The high-speed selection is for maximum speed on shallow cutting depths, and standard cutting speed is used to provide maximum horsepower and efficiency at normal cutting depths. The deep-cut power bulge feature, says the company, provides higher torque at lower engine speeds to power through tough material or deep-cut applications.

The MT-2000 can use both 78.75- and 86-inch drums, which are available with weld-on or quick change tooth holders, and fine or standard tooth spacing patterns. Specialty drums are also available.

Its four-track system offers many features to improve performance. Because of its five steering modes, Ingersoll Rand says the MT-2000 is the most maneuverable machine in its class. It offers front, rear, coordinated, crab, and circle steer. A pressure monitor in the discharge conveyor is designed to slow the machine to prevent overloading of the conveyor system.

The machine features advanced technology with intuitive operator panels that are easy to understand and operate. Each control panel has an illuminated display area that allows the operator to view the master control screen or one of eight different diagnostic screens.

At the smallest end of the milling-machine line, the MW-500 fits into the utility class with a standard cutting width of 20 inches and maximum cutting depth of 8.25 inches. The four-wheel, rear-loading machine offers a tight cutting radius of 7 inches, which is comparable to many three-wheel machines on the market. Plus, the right rear support leg and wheel can be swivelled inboard for flush cutting.

The MW-500 features all-wheel drive and anti-slip control (ASC). Ingersoll Rand says its patent-pending Line Manager system works with the ASC to allow the operator to main-tain a constant speed of operation and direction of travel without being adversely affected by the rotation of the milling drum.