TurfEx MS 1875, MS 2000 Bulk Spreaders

September 28, 2010

For mounting on tractors, pickup trucks or utility vehicles for the application of granular products on golf courses, lawns and parking lots, two new TurfEx bulk material spreaders feature adjustable stainless-steel spinners and variable speed control to ensure precise material feed and spread pattern. Spread width on each of the new TurfEx models from TrynEx International is adjustable up to 30 feet. With capacities of 9 and 11 cubic feet respectively, the hoppers of the MS-1875 and MS-2000 are constructed of patented heavy-duty polyethylene, eliminating corrosion and maintenance concerns associated with steel-built alternatives. Though the hoppers feature thick-walled construction, they are up to 40-percent lighter than similar-sized steel units. To utilize the receiver hitch without having to remove the entire spreader, the MS-2000 is built with a quick-connect spinner assembly. The MS-1875 has a three-point-style mount.