September 28, 2010

TurfEx GB60, GB72 Broom AttachmentsWith 60- and 72-inch mainframes respectively, two new Groom ‘N’ Sweep broom attachment models have been introduced by the TurfEx division of TrynEx International. Each featuring eight brush rows for aggressive cleaning and grooming action, the Groom ‘N’ Sweep models are designed with no moving parts, eliminating the cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings associated with rotary-style brooms. By simply detaching the end protectors of the powder-coat-finished, industrial-strength-steel TurfEx GB60 and GB72 attachments, the brush sections can be replaced, rotated or moved with minimal effort. The push broom action reduces dust and flying debris, protecting the operator, equipment and environment while at work in wet and dry material in both forward and reverse. Suited to use on utility tractors, Groom ‘N” Sweep brooms come standard with bucket, three-point and fork mounts.