TruckIT, NW White & Co. Partner on Tech


TruckIT tech platform.

TruckIT has announced a partnership with NW White & Co. Established in 1952, N.W. White & Co., a dump truck company in South Carolina with seven divisions and over 300 trucks. 

By implementing and adopting TruckIT’s technology platform, N.W. White & Co. will drive efficiency and customer satisfaction via automation, digitization, integration, and provide actionable insights throughout the material chain of custody, according to the company. By partnering with TruckIT, N.W. White & Co. continues to demonstrate its commitment to its employees and their construction partners through innovation within the heavy construction industry.

“We were looking for a partner that would help us improve technology and efficiencies for our driver force, GM’s, our dispatchers, and construction partners," says Bryan Joliff, Business Analyst at N.W. White & Co. “We were also looking to help contribute to advancing technology and improving communication within the construction industry in South Carolina. We went through an extensive yearlong vetting process to find the platform that best meets the needs of NW White & Co. We’re excited to partner with a forward thinking and collaborative company like TruckIT and look forward to what the future will hold as a result.”