Trail King Steel Side Dump Trailer

April 11, 2023
Design promises smoother dumping process and increased stability

An additional center tub pivot has been added to the Trail King steel side dump trailer. The addition provides a smoother dumping process and increases stability over the previous design, eliminating the wheel hop at the end of the dump cycle while maintaining a dump angle of 41 degrees.

The abrasion-resistant two-pieced rolled tub is constructed of 6-mm Hardox 450. The round bottom enables a fast unloading process that eliminates carry back, according to the company, and with fewer weld seams than its predecessor, the likelihood of cracking is minimized.

The new tub geometry increases tub-to-truck clearance when dumping, improves cycle stability, and provides better rear-view visibility and component protection.

Standard removable drop-in kingpin, greaseless bushings, remote cylinder grease lines, and bolt-on parts provide ease of maintenance.

Rugged, flexible, impact-resistant plastic rounded fenders (front and rear) shed falling debris to protect both the trailer and wheels.