Trail King bottom dump trailer

April 10, 2023
Re-engineered to be lighter than its predecessor

Trail King bottom dump trailer has been re-engineered to be lighter than its predecessor. Lightweight cross-bracing and gusset minimizes the twisting and flexing in critical stress areas while delivering maximum weight savings, according to the company. A spherical full oscillating 5th wheel plate with chrome bushed design reduces trailer stress and extends service life of the tractor and frame.

A 60-gallon air reservoir has been added and enables faster operation and more capacity for the gate. The 11-foot-6-inch clam has overlapping knife edge to ensure full closure of the gate. The heavy-duty gate stop enables fast cycle times. The gate limit setting is positioned with six adjustable locations.

Continuous hopper slopes with a 54x99-inch hopper opening allows for complete dumping and reduces areas of material build up. Sloped top rail allows material to shed, reducing areas of buildup and less corrosion. The one-piece unitized hopper and frame design ensure superior cleanout.