Mobile Fueling Saves $500K in 1 Year

Jan. 22, 2020

Managing a fleet is no easy task, and one area that continues to challenge managers is fueling multiple vehicles. When each fleet vehicle 25 minutes per week at a gas station, fueling up for the day’s work, it can lead to increased drive times, high overtime costs, and even fraud.

Traffic Management, Inc. (TMI) is a California-based traffic control and management company focused on creating safe work zones. Their engineers design traffic plans when lane closures are necessary due to construction or other infrastructure projects.

TMI’s fleet of mixed vehicles works around the clock. With more than 170 drivers wasting critical time at the gas station every week, TMI discovered that these routine fill-ups were leading to high overtime costs. Additionally, each driver was given a company card for fuel transactions, which was difficult to track and led to employee fraud.

When TMI needed a solution for their daily fleet fueling needs, they discovered the benefits of mobile fueling from Booster. Booster’s “gas station on wheels” now comes to TMI every night so that each employee starts their day with a full tank of gas in their vehicle. With mobile fueling, TMI employees never have to enter a gas station again. The service help the company manage its costs and improve overall productivity. 

This mobile fueling solution has not only improved overall employee productivity, but it has also helped TMI completely eliminate fuel fraud within the company. All of their fuel expenses are now on a single statement. Since switching to on-demand gas delivery, TMI has saved $483,000 in labor costs in its first year.

“Fueling our fleets was a huge pain point for us,” said Chris Spano, chairman. “There really isn’t an easy or effective way to manage so many gas cards, transactions, employee overtime, potential fraud, etc. Now, in addition to having our fleet completely fueled and ready to go every day, we also receive summaries of how each vehicle is performing and know when we need to address any maintenance issues. Working with Booster completely changed the way we operate for the better and I don’t think we will ever look back.”

TMI employees can start their day focusing on their work and tasks at hand rather than worrying about making a trip to the gas station. Removing the task of driving to a gas station to fill fuel tanks from the to-do list has been a game-changer for TMI. In fact, on-demand fuel delivery services, like Booster, are continuing to reinvent the way energy is delivered while helping fleets save time, money, and reduce pollution for fleets across the United States.

Source: Booster