Fontaine Magnitude 75 Lowboy Trailer

April 18, 2024
Three deck options include flat, drop side rail, and beam.

Magnitude 75 Fontaine Specialized low-bed trailer is a 3+3+2 modular multi-purpose trailer, offering three distinct deck options: flat (MFLD), drop side rail (MDSR), and beam (MBMD).

The trailer handles loads of up to 75 tons in 16 feet as a 3+2 or with five close coupled axles. It can carry 70 tons in 12 feet configured with the tandem axle EQ2 spreader.

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The trailer has a hydraulic detachable gooseneck and a tridem axle bogie, each providing seven ride height positions.

It is manufactured with 100,000# minimum yield steel main beam flanges. The flat and beam decks have a loaded deck height of 24 inches, and the drop side rail deck reduces it to 15 inches. At full load, ground clearance is 6 inches.