Stellar Industries NXT40 Hooklift

Dec. 19, 2023
New NXT Series hooklift features a 40,000 pound capacity hoist.

The Stellar Industries NXT40 telescopic hooklift features a 40,000 pound capacity hoist, with 54/61.75 inch hook height and rectangular-style secondary jib.

The NXT40 is the latest hooklift in the NXT Series and features a Z-channel base design and the capability of loading, unloading and dumping various truck bodies.

A 10.5 inch lost load height provides a low profile with a lower vertical center of gravity and the ability to accommodate down to 6 inch subframe heights.

The unit's universal body latching system features flexible outside locks that can be adjusted by loosening the clamp bolts, repositioning and tightening back down. This allows the user to position the body locks in specific locations.

The NXT40 also features a universal hydraulic reservoir which can be mounted in various positions on the unit to avoid any workaround needs if there are chassis items that could interfere with the reservoir mounting.