LiftWise trailer stacker

Aug. 30, 2023
The stacker has a 26,000 pound capacity.

The Trailer Stacker from LiftWise provides three-tier trailer stacking for transport. The stacker has a 26,000 pound capacity and is optimal for trailers 26 to 53 feet long and 96 to 102 inches wide.  

Requiring only one operator, the stacker consists of two fixed lifting masts and two moving masts on a track system for adjusting to trailers of various lengths. Each mast has the ability to extend, retract and side shift. 

A self-centering suspension side shift feature automatically adjusts for the natural forward movement of a trailer as its suspension compresses for maximized stability.

A wireless remote allows the operator to freely walk around the unit to adjust lift points as needed for stacking. Redundant controls are also located at a fixed operator’s station.