Fontaine Fifth Wheels

April 28, 2022

The Fontaine line of fifth wheels is designed for heavy and severe-duty applications.

Mounting brackets are available in a wide variety of sizes in both stationary and sliding configurations. The 7000 Series heavy-duty models handle 55,000 pounds of vertical load and up to 140,000 pounds GCW. The H7 Series severe-duty models handle 70,000 pounds vertical load and up to 180,000 pounds GCW.

For severe-duty applications that require a no-tilt feature, all the models include integrated bracketry systems that accept the company’s KIT-NO-TILT. Adding this bolt-on kit converts the fifth wheel to a no-tilt model for frameless dump applications. The kit can be spec’d first-fit or customers can retrofit kit in the aftermarket to Fontaine PMH, PMX, HDS, and HDI mounting brackets. Both 7000 Series and H7 Series top plates integrate with the new heavy and severe- duty brackets and work well with KIT-NO-TILT, the company says.

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