Port of Virginia Onboarding Truckers to Assist With Cargo

April 5, 2024
The port has adjusted opening times to accommodate truckers from several states.

The Port of Virginia is in the process of onboarding truckers to assist with the handling of cargo diverted from the Port of Baltimore just hours following the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge into the Patapsco River on March 26. Truckers from Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Florida have pledged their support.

The Port of Virginia adjusted opening times to better accommodate trucker's arrival times, according to Joe Harris, port senior communications director. Since most Baltimore cargo is expected to land at the port’s Virginia International Gateway, it is now open an hour earlier at 5 a.m..

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Harris said the Port of Virginia is focused now on helping Maryland motor carriers integrate their data into its reservation system to ensure easy transactions when they arrive.

The Port of Virginia welcomed new truckers on its Facebook page in the below post with information about its Operations Portal and a guide to accessing its facilities.

Harris said the Port of Virginia has adequate terminals, people, technology and cargo conveyance equipment to handle cargo surges.

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Since the port is geared more for containers, discussions are taking place about how to handle common roll-on/roll-off shipments normally headed to the Port of Baltimore.

Maryland agreed to temporarily waive International Fuel Tax Agreement requirements for port truckers to mitigate economic impacts from the Baltimore bridge closure.

From March 30 to May 31, Maryland is waiving IFTA licensing and decal requirements for motor carriers hauling freight to or from a seaport, according to Brooke Lierman state comptroller.

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