Truck Safety Challenges

By Ron Hutchinson, CEM, 2007-2008 National President | September 28, 2010

That comes as no surprise. All asset managers are responsible for over-the-road trucks with a GVW greater than 10,000 pounds. With the congestion of our road projects and the routes to access them, the chance for a mishap is bound to occur. Some recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regarding fatal accidents involving these trucks are as follows:

  • In 97 percent of the accidents, the drivers did not have any trace of alcohol in their blood stream;
  • In 75 percent, drivers were wearing their seat belts;
  • 79 percent were not speeding;
  • In 86 percent, there were no adverse weather conditions;
  • 68 percent of the crashes occurred during daytime hours;
  • 85 percent were between Monday and Friday; and
  • 22 percent of the crashes occurred in construction work zones.

From the above statistics, we can see that most fatal accidents involving large trucks occur during good weather, daytime hours, and between Monday and Friday. Most likely, our drivers are more careful during adverse conditions, but safety is a 24/7 job and we need to be aware of our surroundings all the time in all phases of our work and off work hours.

Nothing can be taken for granted. Let's be safe out there.