Truck Report: 2011 F-SuperDuty Gets New Diesel, Gas Engines

By Tom Berg, Truck Editor | September 28, 2010

Ford's 2011-model F-SuperDuty pickup trucks are getting two new engines and a 6-speed automatic transmission with a live-drive power take-off, plus fresh interiors including new seats and a "flow-through" console with a 110-volt inverter. The F-250 through 550 pickups and chassis-cab models will continue with the bold exterior styling introduced in the '08 model year and computer-based Ford Work Solutions options.

The new 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel was designed and will be built by Ford itself to replace 6- and 6.4-liter V-8s supplied by Navistar International. The long-running agreement ends in December following financial and legal squabbling between the two companies, and the Ford diesel will go into production in Chihuahua, Mexico, next year, Ford executives say.

The new diesel will be optional in 2011-model F-250 to F-550 pickups and cab-chassis trucks. It will use selective catalytic reduction to help meet EPA's 2010 emissions rules. It will eventually replace Ford's V-10.

The 6.7-liter (409-cubic-inch) Power Stroke's design includes a compacted graphite cast-iron block and aluminum heads, which help cut weight by 160 pounds compared to the current diesel. It also has inboard-mounted exhaust manifolds and a "single sequential" turbocharger, all bolted inside the cylinder-bank valley. Instead of the current double-turbo scheme, the new turbo has one exhaust turbine and two air-compressor turbines for fast response. Close coupling of exhaust components reduces the amount of piping, which contributes to weight loss.

The new gasoline V-8 has an "oversquare" bore of 102 mm and stroke of 95 mm for a displacement of 6.2 liters or 379 cubic inches. It uses port fuel injection, has two spark plugs and two large valves per cylinder, and a single overhead camshaft with variable valve timing. The engine will burn regular, 87-octane gasoline and any ethanol-gasoline blend up to E85.

The 6.2-liter gasoline engine is to be assembled at Ford's Romeo, Mich., plant, in time for production of the new SuperDuty, slated for April. Power and torque ratings of the new engines will be announced later.

Both new engines will be mated to the 6-speed TorqShift, designated 6R140, while the current 5-speed TorqShift will be used with other gasoline V-8s. The 6-speed has an enhanced Tow-Haul mode with integrated engine exhaust braking and Progressive Range Select and a Manual mode, allowing drivers to select the gear to suit their needs. It also has optional live PTO capability that can power a plow, trash compactor, dump hoist, salt spreader and mixer while the truck is stationary, on the move or engaged in stop-start operations.

Ford's 2011 SuperDuty trucks will have higher payload and tow ratings, and pickups will have a fifth wheel and substructure attached to the frame at the factory. An electrical plug is inside the bed for towing gooseneck trailers, and the integrated trailer-brake controller works with the truck's service brakes for maximum effectiveness and safety.