Truck Knocks Workers into 20-Foot Hole


Ambulance illuminated at night.

Two men were killed Wednesday morning in an accident at a construction site in Boston’s Financial District. According to a report by CBS Boston, the men fell about 20 feet into a hole after being struck by a dump truck. They were found in a hole at the site, according to the report, and the scene shifted from a rescue to a recovery. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

“I just heard the truck turn on with a high rev, kicked into gear and hit both the gentlemen that were standing right over the hole,” said witness Jared Petruzzella. He called 911 after seeing the two workers get hit by the dump truck.

A reconstruction unit was called to the scene, as well as representatives from OSHA. According to the report, a crane was brought in to lift the truck up so the hole wouldn’t collapse during the recovery mission.