Trimble Spectra Precision QM55, QM95 Distance Meters

December 11, 2012

Spectra Precision QM55 and QM95 Quick Measure laser distance meters are handheld units designed for a wide variety of applications as one-person distance measuring tools that can be carried in a pocket.

They include a complete set of functions for construction, including area, volume, continuous measure, indirect (Pythagorean) measure, and stake out. Measurements can also be quickly added and subtracted. Multiple units of measure are selectable and include metric, feet, or inches. The QM55 is designed for indoor use with a range of 165 feet and an accuracy of ±1/16 inch. The QM95 Quick Measure is an indoor and outdoor unit with an extra-large LCD screen to display measurement information, and an illuminated display for varying light conditions.