Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software 3.0

November 6, 2012

Version 3.0 of Trimble's SCS900 Site Controller Software for measurement, stakeout, quality control, and progress monitoring on the heavy civil construction job site introduces a completely redesigned user experience.

Enhancements include a clean, simple and updated user interface designed for maximum readability and usability, and workflow simplification improvements that increase productivity, the company says.

Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software, available from the SITECH dealer network, combines simplicity and efficiency to reduce the time required to access even the most complex functionality. Whether users are measuring, staking or performing advanced in-field design calculations, it will never take more than three screen taps to access any feature in SCS900.

According to Trimble, clear, consistent navigation makes tasks more intuitive, while an improved layout with large, graphical icons makes functions easy to recognize. Simplified views show all options on one screen to provide faster access to relevant content, and an enhanced, intuitive guidance system helps the user find stake points quickly and precisely.

Efficiency gains begin as the software launches in map view, so users see where they are on the site immediately, and view cut and fill information instantly, without any setup. They can pan and navigate across the map by simply dragging a finger or a stylus across the screen. To rapidly switch between measuring and staking, users tap and hold any point or line to stake it out. In addition, they can customize the information bars to access and view critical information right from the map view and change languages on the fly without restarting the software.


The visual elements of the user interface have been modified and redesigned to make it much easier to view the software in bright sunlight, and large interface elements are more accessible for operations with gloved hands.