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Trimble PCS900 v 2.1 Paving Control

Trimble has introduced version 2.1 of its 3D asphalt-milling solution: PCS900 Paving Control System

April 17, 2013

Trimble has introduced version 2.1 of its 3D asphalt-milling solution. The company’s PCS900 Paving Control System for milling machines is designed to help milling contractors achieve smoother surfaces and reduced machine stoppage. The “hot swap” functionality in the Trimble SPS930 universal total station, says the company, maintains continuity and accuracy of milling operations without stopping the machine. System portability, says Trimble, means that contractors can use the system on multiple machines and job sites for higher return on investment. Collectively, says Trimble, the elimination of string lines, reduced machine stoppage, and reduced rework can mean significantly improved productivity for the contractor using the PCS900 system.

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