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Trimble Multipurpose Universal Total Stations


Surveying Instruments, Laser

TrimbleThe new Trimble Multipurpose Universal Total Stations are designed for the heavy and highway contractor as a solution for grade-control and site-positioning needs. The new SPS730 and SPS930 total stations, says Trimble, feature “servo, autolock, robotic, DR reflectorless and ATS modes of operation,” and “are designed to satisfy all site-measurement, stakeout, reflectorless-measurement and grade-control needs.” The new instruments use Trimble’s MultiTrack technology, which is “designed to lock on and track passive prisms for applications such as monitoring or control measurements, and active prism targets for dynamic measurements required for grade-control applications.” The SPS930 is designed to be accurate to one arc second in the vertical and horizontal angles, and the SPS730 is designed to provide three-arc-second accuracy in the horizontal plane and two-arc-second accuracy in the vertical.

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