Trimble Expands BIM Software to NA


Trimble Quadri BIM collaboration software brings the constructible model to life before building.
Trimble Quadri BIM collaboration software brings the constructible model to life before building.

Trimble announced the availability of Trimble Quadri Building Information Modeling (BIM) collaboration software in North America. Well known in Europe, Quadri software provides a common data environment for 3D project models, facilitating collaboration across the project for planners, designers, construction teams and project owners working on infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and railways. The streamlined data flow enables an optimized and construction-ready design, closing the gap between office and field.

Increased Collaboration

Users have access to both utility and construction information, which enables faster collaboration and drives constructability from the start. With the ability to organize, group, and control data sets within a single model or project, Quadri software delivers reliability and transparency of key features and work streams throughout the asset lifecycle.

Creating the Digital As-Built

At the center of the integrated common data model is the digital twin, or virtual model, where users can view, manipulate, and test an as-built representation of the project for Internet of Things (IoT) integration. The BIM collaboration software also enables stakeholders to maximize the value of their existing technologies on a software-agnostic platform based on open standards and with API connectors. Additionally, 3D BIM modeling saves time and money by reducing the number of documented drawing sheets by up to 90 percent.


Trimble Quadri BIM collaboration software, formerly only sold in Europe, is now available in North America, expanding Trimble's Connected Construction portfolio.

"Trimble Quadri streamlines the data flow from design to construct, providing designers, civil contractors, and owners a common data environment to collaborate on infrastructure projects in real-time," said Shelly Nooner, general manager, Trimble Civil Design and Engineering Division. "Available in Europe since 2013, the software has been used in infrastructure projects throughout Norway after the Norwegian Public Roads Administration began requiring digital design models."

"The sooner that we can bring designers, engineers, and contractors together, the more efficient a project will be," said Priscilla Benavides, design manager, Central Region New Mexico DOT. "A collaborative platform such as Trimble's Quadri software helps us think as one and work toward efficient project delivery from the design to the constructible model."