Trimble Connected Community

September 28, 2010


Trimble Connected Community construction collaboration infrastructure

The Trimble Connected Community (TCC) construction collaboration infrastructure integrates a contractor's information from head office, site office and field crews into a collaborative communication portal. Web technologies present, to all of a site's stakeholders, data gathered and transmitted by Trimble's existing grade-control systems, site-positioning systems, and construction office software. Contractors can also include engineers, subcontractors, suppliers and project owners to share information such as change orders, design data or drawings, production reports, photos and video of site features, purchase orders, and other documents in a way that promotes efficiency and reduces communication delays and rework. Trimble says it built the TCC specifically for contractor workflows with direct links to its own contractor hardware and software, giving the TCC advantages over third-party collaboration tools — unique operations-cost savings, and uniquely actionable management insight. Web-based TCC tools are managed and hosted by Trimble, made available for a monthly service fee that varies with number of users and service requirements. Estimated list price: $2,000 per month (can be as little as $50 per user per month).