Transportation Commission Picks Developer for Texas Portion of I-69 ZAI/ACS

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Texas Transportation Commission approves the staff recommendation for a proposal by Zachry American Infrastructure and ACS Infrastructure (ZAI/ACS) to develop the Texas portion of Interstate 69. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) selected the ZAI/ACS proposal over a proposal from Bluebonnet Infrastructure Investors. The proposed ZAI/ACS master plan would develop the southern section of U.S. Highway 77 to interstate standards without tolling that portion of the road. The proposal advances planning for I-69/Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC).

The selection of ZAI/ACS for a development contract has no impact on TxDOT's environmental study that will determine the route for I-69/TTC. TxDOT will also continue its plans for upgrading U.S. Highway 281, which — along with U.S. 77 — has been designated by the federal government as a possible future route for I-69 in Texas.

The ZAI/ACS proposal, including maps, is available at: For more information, call TxDOT's Government & Public Affairs Division at 512-463-8588.