September 28, 2010

Tramac SC-42 Hydraulic BreakerExpanding Tramac’s SC-Series of light-range hydraulic breakers to eight models, the SC-42 fits excavators, backhoe loaders and skid steers ranging 5 to 12 metric tons in weight. With an operating pressure of 1,812 pounds per square inch, the SC-42 has a flow range of 14.5 to 26.4 gallons per minute and is rated at an impact energy class of 1,250 foot-pounds with an impact frequency range of 550 to 1,450 blows per minute. Handling tools measuring up to 3.31 inches in diameter, the 967-pound breaker attachment has many of SC-Series features, including an automatic pressure regulator that ensures maximum performance on all carriers regardless of flow variations. Upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the breaker from the carriage, reducing noise and vibrations transferred to the carrier and the operator. An energy chamber features a diaphragm design that holds its charge without requiring regular nitrogen refills.

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