Toro Offers Dingo TXL 2000 Attachments

March 15, 2019
Toro Dingo attachment.

Toro is introducing a full lineup of attachments to complement its Dingo TXL 2000 compact utility loader. The Dingo features a standard skid steer mounting plate, along with:

Auger Drive: providing consistent high torque, the auger drive attachment can power through even the most challenging terrain including compacted or rocky soil and clay.

Trencher Head: designed to reliably dig trenches up to 60-inches deep, the trencher head attachment provides a clean, smooth finish.

Brush Cutter: able to clear and mulch brush and small trees up to four inches in diameter, the brush cutter attachment is durable and reliable.

Grapple: the 40-inch jaw opening on the grapple rake attachment allows operators to maximize hauling efficiency, easily able to handle timber, boulders or other bulky, heavy materials

Power Rake: the floating design of the power rake attachment allows operators to grade rake and remove debris with a single attachment.

Angle Broom: debris and snow removal is made simple with the direct drive design of the angle broom attachment.

Skeleton Grapple: NitroSteel cylinder rods and Teflon® coated bushings on hinges make the heavy-duty skeleton grapple attachment an ideal solution for hauling brush and logs.

Tiller: bi-directional rotation allows productive tilling in both forward and reverse, regardless of terrain conditions with the tiller attachment.

Pick-up Broom: featuring a reinforced bucket, operators can efficiently sweep up dirt and debris for quick and convenient cleanup applications.

High-volume Bucket: hauling dense and bulky materials is simple with the reinforced high-volume bucket attachment.

Standard Bucket: ideal for hauling a variety of materials around the jobsite, the general-purpose standard bucket attachment is one of the most popular TXL attachments available.

Grading Bucket: the low-profile design and extended bottom plate provide outstanding visibility to the grading bucket attachment’s cutting edge.

Adjustable Forks: the manually adjustable 49-inch fork attachment is ideal for carrying a wide range of load sizes, while the high-strength steel makeup ensures longevity of the attachment.

Leveler: grading projects are handled with ease thanks to the sturdy construction and precise control of the leveler attachments.

U-Blade: ideal for a number of applications like transplanting trees, hauling rock and breaking up compacted soil, the u-blade attachment is both highly productive and easy to use.

Stump Bucket: digging stumps and rocks is efficiently accomplished with the compact depth design providing optimum leverage on the stump bucket attachment.

Source: Toro