Toro Dingo TXL2000 Mini Skid Steer

April 2, 2018
Toro Dingo TXL2000 compact utility loader is a 2,000-pound ROC machine

Toro Dingo TXL2000 mini skid steer loader is a 2,000-pound ROC machine that will be the largest in the company’s line of skid steer loaders.

Aimed at compact track loader users, it will feature many of the same benefits of a standard mini skid, including a compact footprint and ample accessibility for mounting and dismounting the machine. The unit will take skid steer loader attachments, and Toro says it will produce around 50 horsepower. Additionally, the TXL2000 has telescoping loader arms for extended reach. The arms can allow operators to load and unload materials from either side of a flatbed, or backfill hard-to-reach areas such as the far side of a retaining wall. 

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