Toro DD2024 Horizontal Directional Drill

October 5, 2013
Toro DD2024 Horizontal Directional Drill

Toro DD2024 horizontal directional drill combines a compact design with 20,000 pounds of pullback force and 2,400 lb.-ft. of rotary torque.

Powered by a 74-horsepower CumminsB3.3 turbocharged diesel engine, the unit's quad rack and pinion carrier design spreads the load evenly for smooth and stable movement. The onboard mud pump flows up to 30 gpm and the floating carriage has two speeds, including a 120 ft/min fast mode.

The DD2024 has a footprint of 52 inches wide, 207 inches long, and a height of 74 inches. It has forward-mounted track drive motors with planetary gear reduction to provide traction in all types of ground conditions. The rear dual stabilizers can be independently adjusted to secure the unit during operation. For operator safety, the DD2024 uses a remote exit side lock out system and a Zap Alert system to notify the operator in the event of an electric line strike.

With flexibility to use single- or dual-stick controls while drilling, the DD2024 allows the operator to choose the control style that matches his or her preference. The operator station includes a backlit LCD screen that monitors a full range of system functions.