Stellar TMAX 2-14 Service Truck

Jan. 19, 2021

Stellar TMAX 2-14 service truck is a low-cab-forward model (LCF), which provides users with a tight turning radius. The Stellar aluminum body can handle a service crane rated between 44,840 and 77,800 lb.-ft. The company’s Torq-Isolator torsion box understructure and crane compartment isolates the crane’s lifting forces into the stabilizers and chassis frame.

Body side compartments are constructed of 1/8-inch, high-strength aluminum floors and walls. Double-panel aluminum doors have a bonded internal hat channel for strength.

The extruded compartment top is formed of high-strength aluminum and features two built-in accessory mounting rails that eliminate the need to drill holes in the compartment tops to mount equipment. The extruded top incorporates wire harness channels inside the compartments for easy installation and to keep wires out of the way.