Deere 700L PL40 Pipelayer

Dec. 18, 2020

The 700L PL40 John Deere pipe layer rounds out the company’s lineup with a lift capacity of 40,000 pounds. The purpose-built model accepts a variety of sidebooms.

Powered by a 135-horsepower John Deere PowerTech PVS 6068 engine, the 700L PL40 pipe layer has more hydraulic power compared to the base machine. This improves overall engine performance and increases peak torque in the pipelayer-ready model. The closed-center, load-sensing hydraulic system includes a variable-displacement pump, and the amplified flow rates boost hydraulic performance.

Controls, including Eco Mode, Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown, can be enabled through the sealed switch module. The Eco Mode feature optimizes fuel economy by seamlessly adjusting the engine speed to meet the load. The Auto Idle and Auto Shutdown timers lower fuel costs and save warranty hours during inactivity or low use.

The purpose-built cab reduces noise, increases visibility, and enhances operator comfort in pipelaying applications. An optional canopy cab adds visibility and improved communication on the job.

Seamless integration of pipelayer controls with the John Deere joystick controls further enhances productivity on the job site. The electrohydraulic sideboom control joystick combined with a proportional roller gives the operator precise control while using one hand to maneuver. The dual-path hydrostatic transmissions and the neutral counter-rotate setting deliver precise, predictable control along the trench without triggering abrupt movements, according to the company.

The pipelayer comes with JDLink telematics for five years in-base. John Deere Connected Support, a suite of factory and dealer tools including the Service ADVISOR Remote, is available.