Brigade IP69K Object Detection

March 2, 2020

The IP69K Programmable Backsense Object Detection System and the Backsense On-Screen Display Kit (OSD) work to minimize damage and prevent injuries caused by collisions by informing the driver of the distance between vehicles and obstacles, whether moving or stationary. Featuring a water- and dust-proof warning display, the system is suitable for all conditions and terrains and any vehicles maneuvering at low speeds both on- or off-road. The display and sensor are completely dust-tight and protected against damage from close range, including powerful and high-temperature water jets, the company says. Both provide resistance to moisture, dust, sand, vibration, mud, and all weather conditions. The 5-stage adjustable audible and visual distance warning display is par- ticularly suitable for vehicles and machinery with external cabs, or those exposed to the ele- ments or dusty environments. The heavy-duty display can be mounted using the bracket sup- plied or via an AMPS hole pattern.