EarthCam GigapixelCam X2

Nov. 10, 2020

The GigapixelCam X2 robotic camera is designed for job-site monitoring, live streaming visualization, and continuous security recording. The camera is mounted on an ultra-precise pan/tilt/zoom base and delivers fast, responsive control over 4G wireless networks, the company says. It creates highly detailed 360-degree five gigapixel multilayered panoramas for archival documentation, and is a multitasking camera, starting with 4K live video captured with a wide angle Canon Zoom lens and streamed efficiently to multiple platforms, along with unlimited video clips that can be shared on-demand. The X2 also performs still-image capture, from five-gigapixel panoramas that are automatically stitched together and multilayered from hundreds of images to quick-shot 10-megapixel photographs that can be annotated and shared with stakeholders immediately. Up to 120 days can be continuously archived with the Edge Video Recorder.