Terex Advance FDC300 Mixer

Nov. 30, 2018

The FDC300 series of front-discharge mixer is about 1 foot lower and several thousand pounds lighter than the FD and FDB series. The FDC300’s charging funnel has a height of 12 feet, 4 inches, some 14 inches shorter than Advance’s larger trucks, so it can be loaded at standard batch plants.

It cuts weight with a nondriving steer axle and composite plastic fenders and is standard with the Cummins L9 diesel. The nondriving steer axle is adequate for most city concrete placement duties, and has a tighter wheel cut than is possible with driving front axles common on larger front-discharge mixers used in new construction in rural and semi-rural areas. With a 10.5-cubic-yard barrel, an FDC300 weighs about 27,000 pounds empty.