Ditch Witch Low-Profile HX Vacuum Excavators

March 8, 2018

Ditch Witch low profile HX Series vacuum excavators (HX30, HX50, and HX75) are designed, says the company, “to boost operator productivity and versatility on municipality and underground construction jobs,” including congested urban projects, large-scale excavation, potholing, slot trenching, and micro-trenching. Each model features a standard, cyclonic, three-stage filtration system to protect key components. The low-profile design of the new models, says Ditch Witch, “allows easy navigation on job sites, without compromising ground clearance, and provides a compact footprint suitable for large-scale applications without compromising power or production.”

The new vacuum excavators use Kubota Tier 4-F engines, rated at 24.8, 49, and 74 horsepower, respectively. Advanced sound-reducing technology, says Ditch Witch, results in minimal disturbance in noise-sensitive areas and contributes to operator comfort. Debris-tank options include 500- and 800-gallon configurations, and each is available in a standard or heavy-duty package with various fresh-water tank sizes and trailer weights. The new models also can be configured with an optional power boom or jib boom. All trailer configurations are NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) compliant.