Volvo PL4809E Pipe Layer

Dec. 22, 2016

Volvo has upgraded the excavator-based PL4809E rotating pipe layer with safety-enhancing features, an advanced load-management system, and has made it easier to transport. When not working as a pipe layer, the PL4809E can be converted to a conventional excavator for conventional tasks.

With a maximum 242,000-pound tipping capacity, the new pipe layer, says Volvo, can take on heavy-duty tasks, such as loading and off-loading, tie-ins, and feeding pipe-bending machines—and do so in rugged terrain and on slopes of up to 35 degrees. The machine’s 360-degree swing capacity, says the company, allows operators to safely rotate the superstructure when lifting and placing large, heavy pipe, anywhere around the machine.

Volvo says that in as little as 4.5 hours, the PL4809E can be converted into a standard excavator by switching the pipe-layer boom for an “excavator alternative” included in the optional digging kit. By offering the benefits of two machines in one, says Volvo, users get the most out of their investment. Hydraulic performance is matched for both pipe-laying and digging applications, according to Volvo, and the machine exhibits no loss of power in either configuration.

Pre-configured booms allow for installation of an optional boom extension on the machine, providing the same lifting capacity, says Volvo, but with added reach and hook height. Pad-type protectors on the boom are designed to avoid machine damage if pipe touches the boom.

The new pipe layer’s cab is hydraulically elevated and ROPS-certified. The operator’s station  features the Volvo Load Management System (LMS), allowing operators to manage and monitor loads and to receive alerts, via visible and audible warning signals, when load limits are approaching. Operators see what loads can be safely picked, relative to the slope, says Volvo, as displayed on a 7-inch color monitor. LMS light bars on each side of the boom indicate load status, via three colored lights, to both the operator and ground crew. The PL4809E also has an anti-two-block system.

The PL4809E can be fitted with Volvo’s CareTrack telematics system, allowing users to track machine location and remotely monitor machine health and performance. Grouped greasing points and filters accessible from ground level contribute to serviceability, says Volvo, and  handrails, guardrails, and anti-slip plates promote safety when technicians perform routine maintenance.

Volvo PL4809E Specifications

  • Engine: Volvo D13J Tier 4 Final
  • Gross power: 372 horsepower @ 1,800 rpm
  • Operating weight: 129,000-142,500 pounds
  • Max. tipping capacity: 242,000 pounds
  • Rated capacity: 110,231 pounds
  • Standard boom length: 30 feet 2 inches
  • Extended boom length: 36 feet 9 inches