McLaughlin Second Generation Vacuum Excavators

Oct. 10, 2013

Tier 4-Final engines anchor the reengineering of McLaughlin’s line of vacuum excavators. Soundproofing in the new engine enclosure reduces vibration and noise levels. The hydraulic door now opens to an 85-degree angle for improved dumping and cleaning of the spoils tank. A patented mechanical cam-over locking system provides a 360-degree door seal without additional clamping. The trailer chassis now has 11 inches of axle clearance. A three-stage filtration system pulls material in at 130 mph, where large particles fall out. Then air flows through a pre-filter cyclone, where smaller particles fall out. Then, air passes through a washable micron-poly filter to trap remaining particles. The system, McLaughlin says, prolongs the life of the final filter.