Monimoto 9 GPS Equipment Tracker

July 2, 2024
Tracker uses remote technology to provide updates on site equipment.

The Monimoto 9 GPS construction tracker utilizes remote technology to protect construction equipment on site.

The tracker boasts a compact size and long battery life, making it well-suited for areas where power sources are scarce, according to the company. Tracker features a rechargeable USB-C battery ensures a 12-month operational lifespan.

Users can download the app, pair the device with the keyfob, and discreetly install the tracker in under five minutes. The device operates as a covert sleeping unit regularly updating the owner on its status. 

In alarm mode, triggered by motion or vibration in the absence of the paired keyfob, Monimoto 9 alerts the owner through a voice call and provides real-time location details via the Monimoto app.

Additionally, an API is available for enterprise clients, ensuring integration into existing systems.

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