Werner Fall Protection Bantam Switch

Feb. 14, 2024
Integrated backpack style shock pack reduces the impact of a fall.

The Bantam switch from Werner is a self-retracting line (SRL) for fall protection when working at height. 

The Fall Protection Bantam Switch SRL provides unencumbered movement without the discomfort and weight of an SRL housing unit on the worker’s back, according to the company. 

The anchor-attaching housing unit paired with the omni-directional swivel transfers almost all weight from the user’s back to the anchor point without compromising performance. The omni-directional swivel design at the housing connection also reduces potential line twists. 

The integrated backpack style shock pack reduces the impact of a fall to protect the user and allows for a greater range of motion and flexibility.

The SRL is both ANSI and OSHA Certified.

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