Relief Handle on PPE Prevents Suspension Trauma

June 4, 2019

Werner has upgraded its Blue Armor and LiteFit fall protection harness series, with the addition of a Relief Handle. In the event of a fall, the harnesses will help users achieve a gravity-override position to relieve pressure on their femoral arteries while they await rescue.

While suspended, users simply use their thumb or four fingers to shift their weight into a safe post-fall position. The Relief Handle is bright blue and highly visible for quick access.

The Blue Armor harnesses have new padding with breathable compression interior, a back strap for further support, and added flexibility that moves with the user. The waist pad also has enhanced compression comfort so users can remain comfortable while strapped into their harness.

Both harnesses are OSHA and ANSI compliant, with new chest strap stitching, marked lanyard keepers, and a D-ring roller to ensure the integrity of the material, reducing the possibility of degradation.

“The addition of the Relief Handle to our popular Blue Armor and LiteFit series is helping us achieve our brand promise of making safety the highest priority,” Eric Miller, director of product management, said in a press release, “We recognize the critical need for professionals wearing fall protection harnesses to either be able to self-rescue or put themselves in a safe position while the rescue occurs.”

Source: Werner