Genie Spill Guard

March 6, 2020

Designed to eliminate the time, complexity, and cost of installing conventional “hydraulic
diapers,” the new Genie Lift Tools Spill Guard hydraulic containment system (engineered to
contain potential leaks under the hydraulic power unit or steering cylinder) will be available as
an option on the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift in mid-2020.

According to Genie, the electric-drive GS-1330m features low noise, low emission, low weight, and low floor loading capabilities, and now, when equipped with the Spill Guard accessory, further reduces environmental impact. This new optional accessory can be ordered from the factory on new production units or as an
aftermarket kit to retrofit units already in the field.

Easy to install in the field, the new Genie Lift Tools Spill Guard accessory can be upfitted to any
Genie GS-1330m scissor lift in less than 30 minutes, says Genie, and replacing the absorbent pad
requires less than five minutes. For servicing, says Genie, open the tray to check for leaks; no
need to completely replace an expensive diaper.