Volvo Launches Haul Assist with On-Board Weighing

June 17, 2019

Volvo CE has launched Haul Assist, a system that shows how much material an articulated hauler has moved, designed to provide operators with data and real-time insights to help achieve optimal payloads and improve productivity. Haul Assist comes standard on Volvo’s A35G through A60H haulers and is optional on the A25G and A30G models.

With Haul Assist, operators are able to monitor all relevant information through the in-cab touch screen. Haul Assist data can also be sent to the office via a productivity report, providing information about a machine for a given time period. Operators can schedule reports to be generated automatically at set intervals, or create them manually at any time.

The on-board weighing feature in Haul Assist provides the operator with tools to monitor production and productivity of the machine. The feature can be used in either Project mode or Trip Meter mode.

Project mode allows the operator to set up projects, add dump zones and material types, and provide targets. Trip Meter mode provides the operator with a payload counter (which can be reset), a cycle counter, plus other payload information.

A productivity view gives the operator an overview of the current machine productivity status, including tons per hour, tons per gallon or liter, carry-back and payload utilization. The operator can decide which data to display on the screen, depending on what’s considered most relevant.

Source: Volvo CE