XL Specialized 150 HDG 2+3+2 Trailer

March 14, 2020

XL Specialized 150 HDG 2+3+2 trailer offers a capacity of 150,000 pounds in 16 feet concentrated, or 140,000 pounds in 10 feet concentrated. Length of the jeep, trailer, booster, plus a truck with 300-inch wheelbase comes in under 120 feet. The trailer is 9 feet wide.

A 13-foot hydraulic gooseneck has two swing clearance settings: 105 inches and 97 inches. The 100-inch hydraulic flip neck extension adds two more swing clearance settings: 205 inches and 199 inches. The flip neck also adjusts the fifth wheel height to 64 inches.

The ramp-style jeep easily moves the fifth wheel up over the frame of the truck. A higher fifth wheel enables drivers to distribute weight to the fourth axle of their truck. The XL 150’s gooseneck features self-erecting legs, allowing the gooseneck to stand on its own when detached. 

The main deck is 30 feet long with a loaded deck height of 24 inches and ground clearance of six inches. It is equipped with 10 bent d-rings per side and eight flat d-rings inside of each main beam. The main deck also features a bucket well at the rear, including a plate on the bottom, in addition to a detachable wheel area.

The sliding booster design allows for varying spread between the trailer and booster axles, to accommodate a range of loads. The spread can go from 13 feet 10 inches to 15 feet 11 inches.