Minnich Manufacturing A-4SCW Wireless Dowel-Pin Drill

March 6, 2020

Minnich Manufacturing has introduced the A-4SCW, an on-slab, self-propelled, wireless, dowel-
pin drill that features the company’s first I-QAN remote communication system for dowel drills.
According to Minnich, the I-QAN system provides the A-4SCW operator maximum drilling
efficiency and uptime via drill monitoring, diagnostics, and remote access to Minnich field
support through an iPad tablet, iPhone, or Android device from the job site. The I-QAN system
operates on 24-volt power for compatibility with most large air compressors.

The A-4SCW features updates that enhance safety and productivity on the job site, says Minnich,
including a new remote-controller with a joystick that controls speed, steering, direction of
travel, and a dust collection on/off switch. The remote uses two batteries and will communicate
to the operator if connection with the drill is lost. A new magnetic feed sensor prevents the drill
from traveling if the slider is not completely retracted, resulting from the drill steel becoming
stuck in the concrete.

The unit has a service weight of 3,260 pounds and a maximum hole depth of 18 inches. The A-
4SCW features drills that automatically retract and shut off when the hole depth has been
reached. The automatic shut off feature helps minimize dry firing, which can lead to increased
maintenance and a shorter drill lifespan.

Also new from Minnich::

  • A new 50-cc, gas-powered back pack concrete vibrator is driven by a Honda 50-cc engine with an ergonomically designed, fully adjustable harness. The 20.5-pound back pack concrete vibrator provides operators mobility, reliable performance, comfort, and reduced fatigue during concrete consolidation, says the company.
  •  An Auto Vibe CC vibrator monitoring system, designed to simplify hydraulic paving vibrator monitoring during heavy highway and airport paving processes, is available, with a new, high-visibility, all-weather touch screen monitor.
  •  New poly-coated vibrator heads that help protect against chipping epoxy-coated rebar.