Komatsu Dozers with Proactive Dozing Logic

Dec. 23, 2019

Komatsu D51i-24 and D61i-24 crawler dozers carry patent-pending proactive dozing control. The technology records terrain data at the track to provide a real-time picture of the ground around the machine.

The integrated system then uses that date to determine whether to cut and carry material, spread or fill that material, or perform finish grading.

The machine control system communicates with the hydraulic controllers, engine controllers, and machine controller. Cylinder sensor technology calculates the position of the blade with respect to the crawler, which gauges the surrounding ground to determine and store what has been down where.

“Proactive Dozing Control logic opens up a world of application possibilities for machine control technology: from stripping topsoil with precision; to cutting and placing material efficiently; to advanced blade response in finish grade,” said Derek Morris, product marketing manager, in a prepared statement.