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Doosan Portable Power XP185 Air Compressor
Portable Air Compressors

Doosan Portable Power XP185 Air Compressor

March 6, 2020
Doosan Portable Power has expanded its small air compressor lineup with XP185WDO, a high- pressure model producing 185 cfm and 125 psi, making it ideal, says Doosan, for a variety...
Welding Equipment, Electrical

Miller Electric ArcReach Technology Receives Additional Capabilities

Miller Electric has enhanced its ArcReach technology with two capabilities: 1) provide automatic compensation for voltage drop in the weld cable; and 2) allow welding operators...
Wacker Neuson_AS50e_Rammer

Wacker Neuson AS50e Rammer

The AS50e rammer uses a lithium-ion battery system for emissions-free operation. It weighs 154.5 pounds and hits at a rate of 680 bpm. The guide handle reduces hand-arm vibration...
Wacker Neuson_LTV light tower

Wacker Neuson LTV6, LTV 8 Light Towers

The LTV6 and LTV8 light towers have 45-gallon fuel tanks, which the company says will provide more than 95 hours of lighting time. Adjustable vertical masts extend to 23 feet ...
Lincoln AirVantage600SD

Lincoln Electric Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic Welder

March 20, 2017
The Air Vantage 600 SD Hydraulic engine-driven welder is a “four-in-one machine,” combining a 600-amp welder, 20,000-watt continuous AC generator, 60-cfm air compressor, and 10...
Lincoln CrossLincRemote

Lincoln Electric CrossLinc Remote

March 20, 2017
The CrossLinc Remote allows operators to adjust welding settings at the arc, including current for stick and TIG welding, or voltage on select wire feeders. According to the company...