Topcon RTP-300 Profiler

January 18, 2011

The new RTP-300 High-Speed Surface Profiler from Topcon Positioning Systems collects surface data at speeds up to 65 mph and creates an exact model of the existing surface. Easily installed onto any vehicle with a trailer hitch, the new profiler can produce both high-resolution topography maps and industry-standard reports, such as PRI and IRI. The RTP-300’s data-collection system includes a Topcon GNSS dual-constellation satellite receiver system, three laser profilers, wheel-encoder technology and comprehensive software. The collected-data file can be used in Topcon’s SiteMaster design software or any standard CAD software made for design applications. The profiler’s technology, says Topcon, provides the capability to use the corrected design data on a paver, profiler or any machine-control system to provide exact road data at every step of a construction project.