Topcon LS-B100 Sets New Standards for High-Value, Machine Control Sensors

Staff | September 28, 2010

LIVERMORE, CA – A new series of high-quality, affordable machine control sensors - the LS-B100 series – was recently announced by Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS).

The LS-B100 series, including the LS-B100, LS-B110 and 110W (wireless), offers a modern new design and increased functionality.

Replacing the LS-B2 and B4 models, the new series provides the tightest accuracy and largest working range of machine control receivers in the market today. "The LS-B100 series is ideal for dozers, box blades, excavators & backhoes," Brian Juroff, TPS director of construction, said. "The LS-B100 receivers’ unique features, such as on-grade matching and wireless capability, offer unmatched performance on any job site."

Features found in the LS-B100 family:

  • Large working range;
  • Most accurate receiving resolution;
  • Wireless display capability;
  • On-grade matching function;
  • Plumb indication;
  • CAN compatible;
  • Four selectable dead bands; and
  • Universal pole clamp.

The units utilize rechargeable or alkaline batteries.