Geotab, Donaldson Team Up on Filter Monitoring

March 16, 2020

Geotab and Donaldson have developed a way for fleet managers to integrate Donaldson’s wireless Filter Minder monitoring system into Geotab fleet management systems. Filter Minder is a remote, wireless filter-monitoring system for trucks and heavy-duty equipment that provides real time engine filter performance data to help fleet operators optimize vehicle maintenance and improve productivity.

“With the cost of fleet ownership continually rising, we intentionally set out to offer a simple solution for fleet managers with visionary companies like Geotab to help optimize fleets,” said Nate Zambon, director of the Filter Minder product line, in a prepared statement. “By integrating our Filter Minder solution into the Geotab platform, fleets can now receive Donaldson’s comprehensive filter analytics along with the most advanced telematics data—from their laptop or mobile device—to help lower overall cost of ownership and improve individual vehicle or fleetwide maintenance processes and performance.”

Wirelessly monitoring the condition of truck engine air filters, Filter Minder provides customers with visibility into the remaining life of engine air filters, plus additional performance data. Seamlessly integrating with the Geotab platform, the Filter Minder system works in tandem with a fleet’s telematics solution.

The Filter Minder system sends filter performance data to the cloud through wireless sensors and receivers and provides predictive analytics that inform fleet managers when filters are approaching the end of their optimal life.

“As a global company committed to optimizing fleet management at every level, Geotab is proud to join forces with a dynamic collaborator that shares our vision for a truly connected fleet,” sadi Scott Sutarik, VP commercial vehicle solutions at Geotab, in a statement. “Integration with Donaldson will enable Geotab to continue its mission to equip its customers with the most advanced telematics solutions, while helping us innovate for a cleaner future.”

Source: Geotab